Morten Torgersrud

Artist- and curator tour in Morten Torgersrud's exhibition

  • When: 4/13/2024
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
  • Area: Bodø
  • Venue: NOUA Visningsrom

NOUA is pleased to welcome you to a free artist and curator's tour of Morten Torgersrud's exhibition Virvel on Saturday 13 April at 14.00 in the NOUA Exhibition Space.

The tour is conducted by curator Kjersti Solbakken and artist Morten Torgersrud. The tour takes place in Norwegian. Around 20 min + 10-20 min questions.

The exhibition consists of a series of photographs from Morten Torgersrud's immediate surroundings in Kirkenes together with a selection of photographs by Ellisif Wessel from the period 1890-1920.

Read more about the exhibition here:

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